Me, Myself & I

Sometimes I wake up with good ideas, sometimes I fall asleep without a single worthwhile one. They're often not worthy. Usually I have to pry them out kicking and screaming. Occasionally I discover my idea already exists happily somewhere else. Sometimes I find them in a song on the ride home, hiding in the back of my imagination in the shower, or at the bottom of a bottle in the company of friends. There is no definitive magic to it, or illusion that there should be. They don’t take themselves seriously, yet do all the talking. Sometimes I’m the only one laughing at them, and even fewer can capture someone else’s attention (kind of like the Dr. Seuss style pace of this intro right?). It is that moment though, when a chuckle erupts, and I’m able to hold their interest for just a moment in a world spinning with distractions, that gives me something to look forward to everyday. Well, and coffee. A solid omelette doesn’t really hurt either. 

Maybe it’s that drive of artistic self-loathing and awareness that helps keep my work humble, weird, playful and plentiful in variety. Growing up in rural Eastern Pennsylvania, where acres of wheat fields, a pine tree farm, and horse stables substituted more conventional adolescent hangouts. My imagination was able to run wild as my primary source of entertainment. I unknowingly soaked in healthy doses of the visual design of my favorite cartoons, video games, sports cards, and album art, regurgitating them into doodles to humor my friends and family.